Helpful Resources

Pain BC website

By: Pain BC

Pain BC is a collaborative non-profit organization made up of people in pain, health care providers, and leaders from universities, government, business and the non-profit sector. We aim to improve the lives of people in pain through education, empowerment and innovation.

People in Pain Network

By: People in Pain Network

People in Pain Network is the only Canadian not-for-profit organiaztion providing peer-led pain self-management groups in Canada.

Pain Resource Centre

By: Canadian Pain Coalition/Canadian Pain Society

A centralized resource about pain and pain management for Canadians

Centre for Pediatric Pain Research

By: Centre for Pediatric Pain Research

The Centre for Pediatric Pain Research is an international leader in pediatric pain research. This website provides an overview of activities at the Centre, information about our faculty and students, as well as links to useful resources on pain assessment and pain management in children

Pain Support

By: Jan Sadler

The PainSupport website aims to help people in pain move forward in their lives with better pain self-management, with or without drugs, and to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, despite having pain.

Pain Concern

By: Pain Concern

Pain concern produces information on pain, provides support to people with pain and those who care for them, and raising awareness about pain and campaigning to improve the provision of pain management services.

Live Plan Be

By: Pain BC

Live Plan Be is a free online self-management tool for people living with chronic pain. Live Plan Be is a customizable self-paced program designed to support you in managing your pain, navigating the healthcare system and moving forward with your life. It is safe, free, and open to anyone.

Kelty Mental Health

By: the Kelty Centre

Comprehensive, provincial-based information and resources on topics related to mental health challenges affecting youth and young adults.

Anxiety BC website

By: Anxiety BC

A website providing resources for people living with too much anxiety.

Mindfulness for Teens

By: Dr. Dzung Vo

Mindfulness is a powerful way to handle stress, and live life more fully. You can be mindful anytime, anywhere, no matter what you’re doing. It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy to do, especially when you are stressed! This website provides information, tools, and resources to help you get started.

Pain Squad

By: The Hospital for Sick Children

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto needed to find a way to encourage their young cancer patients to complete daily reports on their pain. With a little back-up from Canada's top police dramas, our innovative mobile app made this overwhelming task easy and fun.

Pain Tricks

By: Cilein Kearns

A colourful collection of tricks to make medical procedures less scary and sore. For kids and grown ups too! These simple tricks are for kids and their parents to do any time they are in pain, or are having a medical procedure that they are afraid of, especially if it might be painful, such as an injection.

Smiling Mind

By: Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is meditation made easy. A simple tool that helps put a smile on your mind anytime, anywhere and everyday.

Relax Now

By: TapMedia Publishing

Introducing the revolutionary new "Pocket Hypnotherapy" range from TapMedia. We have worked with some of the world's leading professionals in the hypnotherapy and personal development field to deliver a portable and cutting-edge product to help you achieve your goals. Instant hypnotherapy. Anywhere you are.


By: RelaxLine

BellyBio generates beautiful music & light perfectly synchronized to your deep abdominal breathing movements, making deep breathing more pleasant and rewarding than ever. You're going to love playing with your inner balloon.

Simply Being

By: Meditation Oasis

Meditate easily with this elegantly simple App. Enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of meditation without prior experience.


By: The National Center for Telehealth and Technology

Breathe2Relax is a portable stress management tool which provides detailed information on the effects of stress on the body and instructions and practice exercises to help users learn the stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing.Breathing exercises have been documented to decrease the body’s ‘fight-or-flight’ (stress) response, and help with mood stabilization, anger control, and anxiety management.

Self-esteem Daily Affirmations

By: Apps R Us

Truths everyone should know - building healthy self esteem through creative daily affirmations.

Universal Breathing Pranayama

By: Saagara

Download the most popular breathing app in the world! Pranayama was engineered to teach your body how to breathe properly. Babies naturally breathe diaphragmatically, however adults often take shallow breaths. By training your lungs to breathe at their full capacity, you could experience a whole ton of health benefits!

Super Stretch Yoga

By: The Adventures of Super Stretch, LLC

Super Stretch is a fun, interactive yoga app created for kids, used by the whole family! Move, play and breathe as Super Stretch introduces you to his friends and their yoga poses. Super Stretch is your guide who takes you on your journey.

Pain Diary & Forum - CatchMyPain

By: Sanovation AG

Medical experts recommend you keep a pain diary to be able to treat pain effectively. The award winning "Catch My Pain" app allows you to visualize and monitor your pain by creating detailed drawings and by tracking other relevant information. The diary will help you to explain your pain to any medical practitioner. In addition, you can exchange insights with similar patients.

My Pain Diary

By: Damon Lynn

Track your chronic pain, symptoms, triggers and more to create detailed reports your doctor will love!

By: Anxiety BC

MindShift is an app designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety. It can help you change how you think about anxiety. Rather than trying to avoid anxiety, you can make an important shift and face it.  


By: SuperBetter, LLC

SuperBetter helps people achieve personal growth and tackle real life challenges. People have used SuperBetter to beat depression, overcome anxiety, cope with chronic illness or chronic pain, heal from physical injury, or recover from post-traumatic stress.


By: MyBrainSolutions

MyCalmBeat is a Brain Exercise that helps improve your ability to manage stress through slow breathing. Slow breathing allows you to increase the variability of your heart rate to decrease stress, improve focus and build resilience.

Take A Chill

By: Channel Capital, LLC

As a teen, there are moments in your life when you’re really stressed and just need to “Take a Chill.” This app is full of tools to help manage that stress, and bring mindful practices into a daily routine. Using quick mindful exercises and thoughtful activities, begin to overcome those moments whether it’s studying for a test or preventing negative thoughts and patterns.

e-Catch the Feeling

By: MyBrainSolutions

Reinforce your positive feelings on the go using e-Catch the Feeling, a Brain Training Exercise by


By: Thriveport

Capture your mood and improve your thinking habits through an innovative approach to journaling! Moodnotes empowers you to track your mood over time, avoid common thinking traps, and develop perspectives associated with increased happiness and well-being.


By: Andy Puddicombe

Headspace is meditation made simple. Learn online, when you want, wherever you are, in just 10 minutes a day.

Recognise Foot

By: By NOI Group

Using Recognise™ has been shown to reduce pain, improve performance and assist with rehabilitation in a range of complex pain, and injury states, when used as part of a Graded Motor Imagery programme.

Understanding Pain in Less than 5 Minutes

By: Brainman

This video will enable people with chronic pain access to a self-management tool that will help them manage the impacts of chronic pain on their functioning, emotions and interpersonal relationships and will help in the adherence to pain management plans.

Understanding Pain: Brainman Chooses

By: Brainman

Brainman explains a whole-person approach to managing chronic pain.

Dancing with Pain

By: Dr. Leora Kuttner

Coming to grips with chronic pain is a very trying process for teenagers and their families. "Dancing with Pain" takes us into four teen's experiences dealing with pain from, a facial injury, Sickle Cell Disease, CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) and neck and shoulder trauma.

Worry Taming for Teens

By: S. L. Clark, J. E. Garland, Children’s & Women’s Health Centre of BC 2nd Edition.

Written specifically for youth, this manual explains the nature and basis for anxiety, the different types of anxiety, and includes information on medication. It also includes specific coping strategies for youth.

Be the boss of your pain: Self care for kids

By: T. Culbert and R. Kajander

Kids will be happier and healthier when they are the boss of their bodies and can take care of some of their pain on their own. The self-care skills in this book help kids learn what they can do to take care of themselves. They will learn to deal with headaches, stomachaches, and other pain to make themselves feel better.

The kid's guide to taming worry dragons.

By: S. L. Clark, J. E. Garland, Children’s & Women’s Health Centre of BC 2nd Edition.

This book provides an overview of taming worry dragons (types of worries, how they affect your body and thoughts, when they come around) as well as a summary of tools for "trapping & taming" worry dragons. Space is available for kids to add their own ideas about taming their worry dragon.

A child in pain: How to help, what to do.

By: L.K. Kuttner. Hatley & Marks Publishers. (1996).

A book to help parents help their child cope with pain as well as ensure that the pain is properly managed by health care professionals.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Explained: For teenagers, by teenagers

By: G.R. Lauder and R. Massey.

This book provides clear information for teenagers who develop Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). It can be used as a tool to aid the early recognition of CRPS and implement the necessary team approach to management. Medical terms have been explained in a way that can be easily understood.

Conquering your child’s pain: A pediatrician’s guide to reclaiming a normal childhood.

By: By L. K. Zeltzer. Harper Collins. (2005).

Consumer health text offer parents a guide to control chronic pain associated with headaches to fibromyalgia in children. Topics covered include overview of chronic pain, pain quotient in children and how its expressed, and methods of treatment, including complementary medicine.

Explain Pain, 2nd Edition

By: By D. Butler, G. Lorimer Moseley. Noigroup Publications. (2013).

Explain Pain aims to give people in pain the power to challenge pain and to consider new models for viewing what happens to your body and brain during pain. Once they have learnt about the processes involved they can follow a scientific route to recovery.