What Changes at School Might Help Me

In this module, you will explore how chronic pain may present unique challenges while in school and learn about different  accommodations that may be implemented for a positive learning experience.

5 Lessons

Course Length

1 Activity

Knowledge Check

20 Minutes



School is important for all youth, including those with chronic pain. School is a place for learning, socializing, getting physical activity, developing independence, and growing as an independent person. Chronic pain can make it challenging to participate fully in school. It is important to recognize that your experience with chronic pain is unique and that collaborating with your school team to implement certain accommodations may be required to help create a positive learning experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the importance of school, and understand the types of accommodations that can support students with chronic pain.
  • Understand what an Individualized Education Plan is and how you may develop one in collaboration with your school team.
  • Understand different strategies you may implement while managing school and chronic pain. 
  • Create your own school plan to support your pain management while at school.

Course Content